Monday, 19 June 2017

What is Press Release - Press Release Submission Sites List 2017

Press Release Submission Sites List 2017
Press release is way to announce news / events and anything special new which business doing. In general, a good press release is a concise, complete description of an upcoming news event; a timely report of an event that has just occurred; notification of important personnel or procedural changes in an organization; or other news or feature tips.

What is the best format?

  • Keep releases short.
  • Double-space.
  • Write clearly, addressing who, what, where, why and when in the first two paragraphs.
  • Identify the organization or individual sending the release and include the name and daytime phone number (with area code) of someone we can contact if we have questions.
  • Date the release and include whether the material is for immediate use or for release at a later date.
  • If you send materials to more than one of our sections simultaneously, attach a note telling us you are doing so. This will assist our editors in preventing duplication.
  • If the release is longer than one page, type "more" at the bottom of each page and identify following pages with either the subject of the release or the name of your organization.
  • Type "end" or "30" at the bottom of the last page.
Please check below list of press release submissions sites list 2017

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